Re: Gary's Ultralight DX shootout


It is certainly obvious Gary has dedicated thousands of hours and dollarsĀ  to ULR efforts. Jay Allen also has thorough reviews of some radios which should qualify as ULR's. If some one else came up with a list of more recent radios which may qualify, then members here could comment on the ones they own. Not a serious time consuming formal review, but something ordinary members could look at, and it might narrow down the review list for the expert reviewers, at least for barefoot performance.

I have seen Ebay/AmazonĀ  listings for many new radios apparently from China with unique brand names, not Tecsun. Degen, Redsun or Kaito. Many are very cheap. There could be an unusually capable model in there some where, but I don't plan to blindly buy a bunch of them to play with. - FARMERIK

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