Re: Sony SRF-59

Guy Atkins

John also highly modified a SRF-59 to include a digital frequency readout, using a module by the Seattle area AADE vendor (no longer in business). The vendor was able to figure out the correct connections for John, and after that he was up and running--modifying the SRF-59 in his usual very thorough fashion. The SRF-59 "mashup" included a small audio amplifier and speaker. The radio tuned and displayed to 0.1 kHz on the readout.

Among other items given to me by John's widow, Linda, I took possession of this unique SRF-59. A few years ago it failed to operate, and I never could track down the problem (an oscillation issue if I recall). I still have components of this special SRF-59 around somewhere.

I think there's an article which John wrote about the modification, possibly languishing in the archives of


Guy Atkins
Puyallup, WA

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