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Paul Blundell

Thanks for the excellent reply.

I will add those ideas in to my list.

On Tue, Feb 12, 2019 at 11:03 AM Rik <farmerik@...> wrote:
Here in the USA we have Geodesic maps created by the Government which show elevations, water and every building. I look for a high spot over looking water toward the likely DX stations, with few industrial buildings to create RFI, and not too many homes either. In my area smaller farms are more likely to use electric fences for grazing live stock than larger farms. I look for public access, perhaps a picnic table or a 'scenic' pull off [place to park] along a rural road. You might find those with a search engine, if you know what phrase would describe them in your part of the world. Here they are often mentioned as free things to see and do for tourists, travellers and vacationers. Resources for hikers and bikers may list scenic places.  Fire Watch towers are good if not too many transmit antennas. Often Online I can find photos of high locations and look for transmit antennas, Ham, commercial or Broadcasting. Perhaps you have groups of Hams supporting a VHF repeater location which could be public or accessed with permission as long as your radio rejects VHF and UHF reasonably well. This sort of 'leg work' on a computer will take some time, but those are the things I do here to find good spots for midday DXing, and fortunately for me,  many exist within a 1 to 2 hour ride of where I live. - FARMERIK


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