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Phillip Fimiani

 True... But the radio was modified other than improving the tuning method. No antennas were changed in the surgery....THen again its no longer a pocket radio! (;-)
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I thought of doing this,  but it would then not
qualify as a ul rx. It is an amazing little gem and
the guts could be used to make a sensitive rx with
a longer ferrite and an air-spaced tuning capacitor -
and/or the IF section of a SW receiver. But not
ul :-(

Michael UK

On Montag.11.02.19 00:18, Phillip Fimiani via Groups.Io wrote:
> I recall someone unmounted the guts and put it on a wood board. With a
> metal front and big dial, used a CD disk as the dial control....
> Phenominal control... I forget how it was attached to the lil tuner... (:-(
> I went so far as to make a cool CD disk. I put it in the microwaveand
> ran it for about 5-10 secs and it marbles the surface... kool looking.
> Best Regards
> Phil
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> As I do periodically, I pulled my venerable SRF-59 from the back of a
> drawer today.  It was one of the "founding ULRs" and definitely punches
> above its weight.  A question for the old timers, did anyone ever devise
> a method to make tuning easier?  Must of me loves the little rascal, but
> my imprecise thumbs, not so much.
> Bob Coomler W7SWL
> Tucson, AZ

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