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Paul Blundell

Thanks for the link and information, that it all very interesting.

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Date: 7/02/2019 9:27 PM (GMT+10:00)
Subject: Re: [UltralightDX] Most Distant Nightly MW Received At Home

Hi Todd.
Yes the best places to record DX would be rural locations free of power line noise ect like the Oz outback. Some farming areas may have a cacophony of electric fence interference. Another great thing would be to go back to the good old days when the local broadcast stations used to shut down at midnight, allowing for reception of overseas stations on freq usually occupied by locals, such as 702KHz for example. 

Here's a link to some recordings of MW dx from the 1970s & 80s from Australia & other parts of the world. the Melb 1987 ones are from the last night before the local stations began 24/7 broadcasting if you are interested.

Regards. Dan. 
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