Re: Reliable but reasonably priced sources of ferrite for FSLs?-FARMERIK

Guy Atkins

Hi Mikek,
I'm not Gary, but I did wind an external loopstick with the R40C1 material for a CC Skywave (non-SSB model) a few years ago.
It worked very well, but I didn't do any direct comparisons with the Russian 200mm rods as Gary probably would have. Indeed, the $14.00 each price is a killer for FSL purposes! If I recall, mkmak222's price was $9.00 each when I bought one in 2016(?).
The peaking of signals with the R40C1 seemed a bit better than what I'd experienced with Russian 200mm ferrite, but this is just speculation. Someone would need to do a real A-B test to find out for sure if the higher price is worth it for this special ferrite.
Guy Atkins
Puyallup, WA

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