Re: Aircraft Band

kevin asato <kc6pob@...>

Not sure how much you expect to hear. There is a lot of dead air on the airbands, depending upon where you are in relationship to major airports or air routes. I live in Southern California between 2 major airports (LAX, LGB) and several smaller airports with lots of air traffic. I live relatively above KTOA (Torrance/Zamperini), about 3 air miles away and cannot hear ground/unicom traffic at that airport. There should be quite a bit as Robinson Helicopter manufacturing is based there along with a lot of private airplane traffic. I do hear planes and helicopters in the air on Unicom and approach and departure frequencies for the area all the way out to Downtown Los Angeles (about 15 air miles). All this with either a scanner and a 2 meter antenna or a 2 meter rig with an external tri-band vertical. I had a small AM/FM/Airband radio but was rather disappointed in it's air band performance (not the one you had referred to).

Hi all.

Can anybody confirm if this radio can :scan" the

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