Re: Reliable but reasonably priced sources of ferrite for FSLs?-FARMERIK


In response to Gary's 2012 length to diameter conclusions,
there is another characteristic, I haven't found any information on.
That would be, how permeability affects the FSL.
I see R40C1 material has a ui of 40 vs 400 for the material
used in Gary's initial testing.
 I would like to see a shootout of identical size FSL's
that use the two different 40 vs 400 ui materials.

Hi Gary,
I'm poking at you!
You have the smaller FSL's to use in a comparison test.
The crystal radio guys love this material because of the
high Q's they get with it.

Maybe mkmak222 would give you a deal on enough ferrites to build a
small FSL to do the test, if R40C1 proved better, it would be great for
his sales.

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