Re: November 2018 Hawaii Ultralight DXpedition-- 15 Page Article

Gary DeBock

<<<   Gary- In your experiments, have you tried tuning a FSL with just a small winding on it tuned by the chip in a DSP radio? That should save a lot of Litz wire, and allow room for the highest count Litz as well.  No second cap to tune either. As you may remember, I've been doing that for a very long time with the PL-360 series radios. In addition, I find a small number of turns over my huge stack of ferrite connected to SONY HD table radios works untuned very well too. -FARMERIK    >>>


Almost all of my experimentation is to develop FSL antennas used in rough outdoor environments like ocean cliffs and exotic island beaches, where hard-wired connections to portable radios would be impractical and inconvenient. If someone prefers to hard wire antennas into the Ultralight radio circuitry for DXing at home that's fine, but in my opinion that pretty much wipes out one of the best advantages of the Ultralight radio, which is the freedom and portability to go practically anywhere in search of awesome transoceanic propagation.


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