Re: November 2018 Hawaii Ultralight DXpedition-- 15 Page Article

Gary DeBock

<<<   Has anyone succesfully ”converted” the FSL-antenna to a broadband antenna for SDR receivers like Perseus? Is this possible? 
/kzr63g   >>>

Hello Kzr63g,

There have been multiple experiments to design and build a Broadband FSL for use with an SDR like the Perseus, but we have yet to achieve the success that we desire.

From my own perspective as a single-optimized-frequency FSL designer concentrating on live DXing, I was interested in the challenge of designing such an antenna, but really didn't have any way to test it out in the "real world" of spectrum capture DXing. Local DXers like Guy Atkins did have the ability to test it out, though, so I contributed an extensive amount of resources into the project, hoping that technical progress would be made by (and for the benefit of) the SDR-DXers. I know that Guy tried multiple approaches to overcome the technical challenges, but other than a compromise arrangement where the FSL could provide a gain boost over a narrow frequency range (instead of the razor sharp, single-optimized-frequency boost that it provides to a standard portable radio), I don't think that much success was attained in converting a high-Q tuned antenna into a Broadband system. I'm sure that Guy could provide a lot more detail on the experimentation and the technical challenges involved (if he chooses to do so), but in answer to your question, the results so far have been something less than desired.

Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)


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