Re: SRF - 59 backlash, receiver replaced by seller

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Despite initial listening daytime and nightime yesterday, I feel I have misalignment in this replaced unit, which corrected the backlash. Mainly in the 600KHz area. It also has the earlier reported crackling produced by the variable capacitor, but only revealed when the wheel is moved fast, not in when normal tuning is done. Look forward to align the unit in order to get a better performance.


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Being inside the first week since I purchased my first and only SRF - 59 I went decidedly to the shop again to complain about the backlash in the dial wheel, mainly at the upper side of the band. I didn't had nothing to loss, but I said I had a little arthritis in my finger... and they changed the unit without any problem. First listening to this replacement unit provides the same quality and maybe better. And no backlash... Will test it better at early evening back home.

Horacio Nigro
SRF 59 Barefoot



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