2019 US-Canadian Pattern Reference Is Available


The 2019 US-Canadian Mediumwave Pattern Reference for all stations is now available. The download link is on the RADIO-TIMETRAVELLER site. The download is 52 MB.
Be sure to read the readme.txt file included in the zip. Lots of notes on usage and other things.
The maps are HTML-based, so no regular install is necessary. Simply unzip the downloaded file and click on the individual map file to run. The map will open up in your web browser. They are self-contained, with image icons embedded right into the code. You must have an internet connection to view the maps.
1. The previous 2016 map version became crippled due to Google's new precondition for all Google Map usage now requiring a user key. I have applied for and received the requested key. It allows a fixed amount of map-usage bandwidth. All maps should now display fully.
Note: Google may throttle map-usage bandwidth based on excessive use. Whether this will happen is unknown at this time.
2. Skywave signal maps have been totally recoded for 2019. Many months of coding and testing were involved. Predicted signal levels are calculated in accordance with current ITU methods of recent years (1999 onward). The following new parametrics are now additionally considered in the skywave calculation:
   * Hourly transitional loss variance from sunset to sunrise.
   * Seasonal gain or loss, January - December.
   * Diurnal enhancement at the sunrise and sunset period.
   * Winter daytime skywave enhancement (only on maps created for times during the day).
   * Daily seasonal nighttime skywave enhancement.
   * Take off angle variances for stations at relatively close distances (experimental).
3. Colored plot (yellow) introduced for groundwave 0.1 mV/m level.
4. Small changes made to the map's title bar heading.
5. Unlimited, Daytime, and Critical Hours plots are at the 1.0 and 0.1 mV/m levels. Nighttime skywave this year is set at the 0.15 mV/m level. In all cases except for the nighttime graveyard stations, levels have been chosen to minimize pattern overlap and to more closely follow those which might be helpful to the mediumwave DXer.
Included is a complete set of GoogleMap-based, HTML-driven maps which show the most current pattern plots of all licensed US and Canadian mediumwave broadcast stations from 530 - 1700 KHz. The set includes all frequencies for the indicated services: Unlimited, Daytime, Nighttime, and Critical Hours. Individual maps are grouped by channel frequency: 540, 550, 560, .. 1700 KHz, etc. Data for the plots in this offering is based on the current FCC and Industry Canada databases available at the time of its creation (January 16, 2019).
Hope you enjoy!
SW Arizona

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