Re: Paraguay nulled against local SODRE. My first audio recording with my SRF - 59

robert ross

Horacio Nigro wrote:

Today, I posted in ConDig list YG, the reflector where DXers in S. Am (and also other Spanish speaking people) gather, a rather illustrative report in Spanish about ULR (taking material from DXers.CA and referring my experiences with my new SRF - 59.

Several people there got very interested. A DX buddy, who also lives in Montevideo, Uruguay, OM Moiss Knochen, was a little skeptical (humourously) about this fabulous receiver and challenged me to try to null 650 Clsica (SODRE), Montevideo (listed 50/25 KW in WRTH'08 ) and thus get ZP4 Radio Uno in Asuncin, Paraguay. To the moment this was possible only by getting out of the city some kilometers away, something we discovered several months ago, when we gathered with a couple of distinguished Argentinian DXers (namely Arnaldo Slaen and Hector Goyena) at Victor Castao's (another Uruguayan DXer) nice house 20 km East of Montevideo downtown, using our DE1103's.

Success!! Tried and worked... not only the reception was possible but it was also recorded in mp3, being my first audio document with ULR.


Simply amazing!! This is a Great Recording and you appear to be hooked on ULR DXing Now!!! HAHHAHA...Nice to have another Fanatic in the Group. looks like you are busy RECRUITING new ULR Members there in South America as well!! Glad to see you have perfected the Recording Process too. I look forward to hearing many more of your recordings of Fine World Wide ULR DX!!

BRAVO Horatio!!


Robert S. Ross VA3SW London, Ontario CANADA

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