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Gary DeBock

Thanks for all your comments on this subject. Like Paul, I am in both groups, although my presence in the Facebook group is pretty limited. Paul was the one who created the group, and I was pleased when he reassumed the Moderator position.

As a social media platform Facebook has become very popular in North America and elsewhere, although it certainly does have its limitations, quirks and scams. Although the vast majority of what is posted on Facebook is of limited value to the DXer there are some excellent groups like "DXing Info" which offer immediate information on new stations, new formats and station ID's. The Finnish DXers running the group are outstanding at language identification (as are the DXers in the "Real DX" community), and can solve many exotic language mysteries.

During a visit to the Cook Islands last April I made a recording of 693-Bangladesh mixing with 3AW at the 1700 TOH on April 11, featuring an apparent 6 pips from Bangladesh at the 1700 TOH (47 seconds into the recording)

Unfortunately nobody in the Real DX Yahoo group (at the time) could answer whether or not 693-Bangladesh had 6 time pips at 1700 UTC. So I posted the sound file on the Facebook group DXing Info, and Mauno made a request to some local DXers in India to investigate whether or not Bangladesh had 6 time pips at 1700. One of these local DXers (who was apparently not in the Real DX Yahoo group) did confirm that 693-Bangladesh does indeed have these time pips at 1700 UTC. So the mystery was apparently solved through the Facebook group.

Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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Good evening,

Me who and 17 years and listens to the international station for 1 year,

I do not use Facebook ....

Why is s'abbette via Facebook .... .... and very well .... no?

Me I'm not on the pages but I know that young people used p as Facebook, nor Twitter .... but the oldest hates all his!

Saluatation France

F-70107 Gaétan

Le lundi 14 janvier 2019, Gord Seifert <gks61711@...> a écrit :

   My opinions: Facebook and are simply two completely separate things. Take your choice. I, as well as others who have recently posted their preference, will never visit Facebook for any reason whatsoever. I don't like their business practices. I suppose there might be some reasons for using Facebook. Maybe more up to the minute, interactive, communications. Not something I care about.
  The yahoo group should be considered closed since, it seems, everything has been transfered to From ICF2010 group experience, is more easily used and more dependable. Forget Yahoo.
   So, if it is not posted on I won't see it. I don't expect anyone to care very much about that. But it seems to me that offers a far better place to store documents, photos and posts containing useful information on a more permanent basis. 


On January 14, 2019 3:00:30 AM "Paul Blundell" <tanger32au@...> wrote:
Anybody is free to use whatever group they want. We can't force anybody to use or not use any group. If anybody has a concern about missing out, they should join both groups.

As I have said, I post to both and Facebook, others might use one or the other.

The Yahoo group will be closed down at some point in the near future.

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> Paul, many of us avoid Fbook and the like,
> so I  hope any valuable contributions are duplicated
> on this site.
> Michael UK

That's a real problem with FB. Many use FB only (mainly the younger
generation), others (I count myself among those) are totally allergic to
FB, TWTR and the likes and will use only.

Eventually you end up with having two totally separated channel, which
means many miss valuable information.

And what about Yahoo? Has the groups been scrapped? Or else there will
be not two but three distinct channels.

73, Rémy.

Paul - Moderator

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