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Gary DeBock

FYI, the new process for transfer of an entire group from Yahoo to Groups io involves making Groups io a "Moderator" in the Yahoo group, with permission to move members and files around. Whether Yahoo discovers this new workaround and tries to block it is not yet known.

Gary DeBock (Moderator in the Yahoo group)

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Groups io has apparently found a new workaround for Yahoo's attempt to transfer entire groups over. There is a new process to perform a group transfer, but it is somewhat convoluted.

I have started the new group transfer process, but it will take time for Groups io to complete it. Success is not guaranteed, because Yahoo may discover the workaround, and try to block it as well. Keep your fingers crossed.

Gary DeBock (Owner and Moderator)

Easy Yahoo Group Transfer

Have a Yahoo Group that you want to transfer to We've made the process easy. In this document, OLDGROUP refers to the name of your Yahoo Group, and NEWGROUP refers to the name of your group.
We can transfer members, archives (without attachments, however), photos, files, links and databases (calendar entries are not copied at this time).
If your group has more than 100,000 messages, we ask that you sign up for the Premium plan annual option for a year. If you don't wish to do that, we will transfer the most recent 100,000 messages in your group.
We do not make any changes to your Yahoo Group. We simply make a copy of everything.
NOTE: You must start the transfer process for your group before you send an invite to If you sent an invite before starting the transfer process, and is not already a member of your group, you will need to send another invite.

Step 0

Create your new group.

Step 1

Set up and start the transfer process by clicking the Set Up New Transfer button, below. You'll be asked to select your group and for the name of your Yahoo Group.

Step 2

Send an invite from your Yahoo Group to

Step 3

We will accept the invite and then send you an email directing you to make the member a moderator.

Step 4

After you have made the member a moderator, return here, select your Existing Transfer transfer, and tell us that you are ready for the transfer to happen. Once we receive the go ahead, depending on load, within one business day, we will download the member list of your Yahoo Group and directly add your members to your new group. We will add all members that are currently confirmed and not bouncing to your group. Members' subscription preferences (email, no email, digest, etc.) will be preserved. Members' posting privileges (group default, override - moderated, etc.) will also be preserved. However, moderator and co-owner status will not be preserved, so all moderators will need to be reinstated after the transfer. If someone is already a member of your new group, we will not change anything about their subscription.
Every new user of will also be subscribed to the group, to receive updates about the service.
We will send the following email to each member who is not already a member of the new group:
The owner of the Yahoo Group OLDGROUP has moved the group to, a new Groups service. You have been subscribed to the new group using your Yahoo Group subscription settings. The name of the new group is NEWGROUP, and messages can be sent to it at
Groups at are similar to Yahoo Groups, but we have several new features. We encourage you to explore the website. If you have never registered with before, you will be able to create a password when you first Log In.
If you do not wish to be a member of NEWGROUP, click here and you will be unsubscribed immediately.
If you have any questions, please contact
The Team
If you have created a customized welcome message for your group, we will also send that to each member who is not already a member of the new group.
We will send an email to when the transfer is complete.
NOTE: If the new group is a subgroup at, you will receive two transfer notices, one for transfering the members to the parent group, and one for transfering the members to the subgroup (all members of a subgroup must be members of the parent group).

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Hi Folks…

To further Clarify…We HAVE MOVED the Group to “”. We just can’t move each individual member of the Old Group over to the new Group automatically. YOU MUST GO to and sign YOURSELF UP!

It’s pretty painless, and we hope everyone will follow us over to the New Group.

Yahoo Groups is preventing the Automatic move of all members to…sorry but we can’t do anything about that.

See everyone on the New Group…..

73 ROB VA3SW Group Moderator.


On Jan 11, 2019, at 12:30, tanger32au tanger32au@... [ultralightdx] <ultralightdx@...> wrote:

As we have posted before, Yahoo are now blocking this process. Nothing we can do about it.

We can not migrate the group from Yahoo to, we need to get everyone who wants to join the new group to come over and join up. We are hoping to get everyone who wants to be part of the new group across ASAP.


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re: "I would like to encourage anybody who is active on this Yahoo group and who has not joined up yet to please do this ASAP."

If you ran the process to move the group from Yahoo to, then nobody needs to "join up" because everyone would automatically be added to the new one on

Are you saying that you do not plan to move the group from Yahoo to


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