Michael <michael.setaazul@...>

Thanks for the detail, Gary.
I will print it out and pin it next to the screen.
I guess io just needs getting used to :-)

Michael UK

On Dienstag.08.01.19 09:26, [ultralightdx] wrote:
<<< That's great, Gary.
However I can't see *how* to post on the new io site.  >>>
No problem. Click on this link to get to the Group's home page
Then, on the left column of the page, notice the "New Topic" option 5 lines down from the blue coloured "Home" icon at the top left of the page. By clicking this, you will get an blank email message form to initiate any type of topic that you wish (within reason :-)
If you wish to view the current message topics and respond to one of them, click the "Messages" option 3 lines down from the "Home" icon, and choose one of those topics to make a response. Click the "Reply" option at the bottom left of the last previous message, and then you will again have the blank email message form to fill out with your message. In either case, with the new Groups io site you may include a photo either within or after your post (copy and paste this from another file). When finished typing your message in either a "New Topic" or "Reply" option simply click the green coloured "Send" or "Reply to Group" option at the lower left of the message that you have typed. Your message will then be on its way.
73, Gary

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