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<<<   So does one now need to get an invite to move over to the Groups io?   >>>

No, John-- we will be happy to accept any current member of the Yahoo Ultralightdx group. The original plan was that you would receive an automatic invitation as part of the Groups io "seamless transfer" option, but after Yahoo threw a monkey wrench into the process, that option no longer exists.

As such, for all group members who still have interest in Ultralight radio DXing, we would recommend that you take the initiative to apply for membership in the Groups io site ASAP. Some of you may receive a personal invitation, but that isn't guaranteed. The plug will be pulled on the Yahoo group in the near future. 

Gary DeBock (Moderator)

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So does one now need to get an invite to move over to the Groups io?


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Although the file transfer message was never intended to go out to the MW-DX Group io site, individual file transfer and the lack of individual invitations for Ultralightdx members to transfer from Yahoo to Groups io are both related to the same issue-- Yahoo's new roadblock to prevent the automatic shifting of an entire group from Yahoo to Groups io.

You probably are a member of a group that went through one of these "seamless transfer" group processes (from Yahoo to Groups io) previously, and received an invitation as part of the process. That "seamless transfer" option was one of the motivations that made us consider moving our Ultralightdx group over from Yahoo to Groups io. Unfortunately, Yahoo threw a monkey wrench in the process at the final moment.

It's no big deal, though. I do plan to send individual invitation messages out to you, Guy, Nick, Colin and any other DXers who I know are active, who are in our Ultralightdx group and who have not yet shifted over. These individual invitations may go out to as many as 25 members, including friends in Japan, Europe, NZ and elsewhere. Whether the invited DXers choose to move or not is up to them, but the days of the Yahoo group are definitely numbered. We plan to pull the plug on it as soon as we have wrapped up the transfer to our satisfaction.



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That's great Gary but I didn't ask about file transfers.

I pointed out that I had not received anything from about the new group, being a member of it, etc.

In the past, I received a few messages from any time a group was migrated to them.

Perhaps the system has changed. Perhaps something was overlooked. I don't know - I can only let ULR moderators know that I;ve heard nothing.


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