Re: ULR Station #500 Logged

robert ross

At 01:30 PM 3/4/2009, you wrote:


I had some luck in logging my 500th ULR station overnight, and it was the
station I really was hoping could be the 500th. All times in UTC.

Started checking 1610 khz at 0510 UTC but never enough signal to make
anything out until 0921.

1610, Caribbean Beacon, Anguilla, 0921-0940, 3/4/09, faded up to a
copiable lvl after many checks on the freq. Clearly //6090 during this
time. All religious talk by a M with some brief instr mx interludes. ULR
country #11. Sporadic QRM from an UNID station in SS. I'd sure like to get
an ID from that SS speaking sta there. Anyone else ever hear any SS on 1610?

73's Guys,

Kirk Allen
Eton E-100 Slider
Ponca City, OK

Kirk....Congratulations on hitting # 500!! And a great station to log for #
500 as well!! Welcome to the 500 Club!! Keep up the great DX and you're now
on your way to # 600......

Robert S. Ross VA3SW
Box 1003, Stn. B.
London, Ontario

Antique/Vintage Radio Enthusiast
Amateur Radio Stations VA3SW/VE3JFC
Enjoy Ultralight Radio DXing......It's like being a KID again!!

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