Re: Air loop vs Ferrite loop

Steve Ratzlaff

Purely my own opinion and not based on direct comparison tests, but I'd say a square loop of 8-10 inches might give equivalent results to a 200 mm long ferrite rod. I'm assuming both loops are tuned with a capacitor, not untuned loops. And if you could use Litz wire of maybe 175/46 or larger, that would help too. But if just standard wire then use the largest gauge you can find/afford, hopefully #18 gauge or larger (in AWG wire size, I don't know the metric equivalent size).

Good luck!


Steve AA7U

On 1/4/2019 9:19 PM, max2006@... [ultralightdx] wrote:

Hi, i have a question, what is the size that i should consider for a square air loop made with standard wire to give the same result of a ferrite antenna size 200x10mm?

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