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It seems like it will be the best way forward.

I have had issues with files not uploading and post not coming through for hours in some cases. I was looking for a file I uploaded a few years ago which was here one day, gone a week later and then it came back.

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I'm currently a member or moderator of 4 groups which have moved from Yahoo Groups to, and it is painless. Beyond that,, being more or less of a specialist organization dedicated to groups offers some features that Yahoo never did. I'd recommend the move, especially given that the future of Yahoo following its recent acquisition is at best cloudy.

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What am I allowed to say , but yairs!  But then I'm only the Hired Help Here, not a contributor.  <g>

From observing other groups doing the switch, it seems to be painless... and although I personally don't have issues/problems with Yahoo! as others appear to experience, <> perform well.


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