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<<<   No, now it’s unanimous...   Bob Connolly, Lower Hutt,  New Zealand....   >>>

Yes, Bob (I should have waited for your vote).

As a member of the NZRDXL, who am I to disagree with such an overwhelming consensus? Theo D. (my Kiwi English translator) would no doubt make some type of interesting comment if Rob and I drag this out much longer.



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No, now it’s unanimous...

Bob Connolly, Lower Hutt,  New Zealand....

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Hello Andy,

Tony King also suggested this a few months back, so the Kiwi vote is unanimous. I'm sure that soon, Theo D. and Tony Magon will concur.

I'll discuss this with my primary partner-in-crime Rob Ross, who is also an Ultralightdx Moderator (and who has been running this show with me for 10+ years). Tony K. assured me that the process is easy, and that we only need to take the plunge.

73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)


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Yes please.

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> I have noticed more and more issues with Yahoo Groups of late, a number of my other Yahoo Groups have moved to
> Has any thought been given to us also moving across?
> Paul

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