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Michael <michael.setaazul@...>

This is a great bonding thread!

I built my own regen receivers in my pre-shaving phase,
and got hooked on SWL.

Many moons later, in 'nam with a NGO, between Incoming!!! alarms,
I would spend many nocturnal hours on SWL. Radio Australia was
loud and clear, as was, er, "Không có gì quý hơn độc lập, tự do"
and all that. But the weaker distant stations were the real catch.
Fast forward via Barlow-Wadley uhdx (ultra-heavy), battered, but still
a wow, to uldx. Now, in early summer evenings I walk the dog to a nearby height (next stop Cape Cod) and, in clement weather, listen barebones on my PL380 and Sony SW1 for wacky BC signals bouncing across The Pond and a remaining few to the east and south. Sadly, no FSL, but at home I have used unwieldy frames and glue-extended ferrites. I am a licenced ham,
but currently not active.

Michael UK

On Mittwoch.02.01.19 03:49, D1028Gary@... [ultralightdx] wrote:
Like Phil B., I thought that a re-introduction might be a good idea. I'm exactly the same age as Phil (65), and also worked extensively in sonar systems in my original career-- except on the "business end," as a Navy Sonar Technician during the Vietnam War.

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