Oklahoma TP DX 1/1/19

Richard N. Allen <dx747j@...>

While reception of transpacific signals wasn’t very good this morning, it was the best since mid-December.

594 JOAK poor at 1341.

774 JOUB fade in and out briefly at 1331; fair at 1335 with moderate QRM from local KSPI 780.

828 JOBB fading in and out from1326 until 1346 peaking at poor (LSR at 1341).

873 JOGB barely audible // JOUB at 1338.

1566 HLAZ barely audible at 1345 close-down.

Receiver: Skywave with 8-inch FSL.

Tau Hou 2019.

Richard Allen,

near Perry OK USA.

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