Re: On Hearing All Six Continents from North America


Wasn't TWR Benin-1566 (and maybe even VOA Sao Tome-1530) bagged on one of those Haida Gwaii - Queen Charlotte Islands outings ?

For African stations heard in the past, I know Pat Martin heard Dakar, Senegal (764, then 765, now silent) from OR and Neil Kazaross also bagged them from the desert in CA. In both cases Beverages were used. I'm thinking that in these situations a filterized E100, if it had been available, could have cut the mustard enough to bag this, assuming reasonable coupling to the Beverage in use.

Pat mentioned "getting Algeria 891 on a car radio" once near his Seaside, OR QTH so one would assume that reception on an ultralight would be similarly feasible.

South America might actually prove to be tougher to log than Africa now that splits which were very abundant in the '80s and before have now all but vanished as better frequency control (necessitated by 10-kHz-digitally-stepped radios) has come into practice.

I'm thinking that the farther west you go (e.g. out onto the Aleutian chain of Alaska), the ratio of distance to US/Canada/Mexico interferers to South Americans increases and proper use of sunrise or sunset terminators could make Pacific coast South Americans more playable there than, let's say, in OR / WA / BC.

Of course if Hawaii is considered "the west coast", South Americans are quite easy there based on Richard Wood's loggings. Pity that he did not live long enough to participate in the Ultralight boom. I suspect that 6 continents from Hawaii would be a distinct possibility as long as enough antenna gain could be had.

Mark Connelly, WA1ION - Billerica, MA

--- In, "John H. Bryant" <bjohnorcas@...> wrote:

Our West Coast contingent has an even tougher task, having to hear
Europe or Aruba to even get to four (NA + Oceania + Asia are "easy").
South America has been heard on the West Coast, but not in recent
times. Has anyone since WWII heard Africa from the NAm West
Coast??? (Patrick Martin probably has 15 verified :>)

waal.....Canaries on 621 was heard in Victoria, BC a couple of times during that
big TA opening in late January, John, and I believe that qualifies as Africa.
(the tentative Egypt on 819 was the one that got away unfortunately) Neither on
Ultralights of course, but if we ever get another TA opening like that, it might
be worth trying.

Algeria made it here a couple of times in the late seventies also, as well as a
tentative Mauritania on 783 in 1996.

There's hope!


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