Re: Long Term Ultralight DXing Project - 3/11/2018


Hi Todd,

Good to hear from another daytime skywave observer. I wonder if many DXers don't know it even exists. It's seasonal. Mid-winter is best.

I do a fair amount of cross-country driving here in the U.S. I spend long hours parked on a frequency with the car radio as I drive to see what signals hang in there from dawn onward.

My personal best-

I received 50 KW  KKZN-760, Denver, Colorado at Pocahontas, Illinois (east of St. Louis, MO) at mid-afternoon in April a few years ago. 827 miles. This one was enhanced on a 24 inch passive loop using a PL-600. But it would have been receivable on the PL-380 ultralight as well with the loop.

Second best-

I received 50 KW  KFI-660 KHz, Los Angeles, California in Trinidad, Colorado at mid-day, at Christmas three years ago. 793 miles. Car radio.

I did a blog post/story on the first one a few years ago if anyone is interested in reading the travel story:

Get those loops out you guys. Mid winter is coming to the U.S. Here in south western Arizona I'm already hearing the big San Francisco outlets: KNBS-680, KCBS-740, KGO-810 (525 miles) until noon on quiet solar days. In the summer their signals fade about two hours after sunrise.

SW Arizona

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