Re: Transplants: Are We Missing Something Here?

Gary DeBock

     Ultralight radios, by nature, are plastic-enclosed electronic devices subject to RF noise issues.  Shielding the leads to external ferrite bars wouldn't accomplish much, since the RF hash would still strike the external loopstick (or booster bar), as well as the internal circuitry (plastic usually doesn't shield anything).
    DXpeditioners desiring great Ultralight reception either need to have an RF-hash free room (like the famous Room 15) or get out of an RF-hash area, and walk toward the beach.
    During the last fruitless DXpedition to Westport with Guy Atkins (May 4), our room in Westport was full of RF hash, TV heterodynes, etc.  We ended up driving to the beach at Grayland (4 AM), only to find a steady stream of clam diggers proceeding to the beach in their RF-hash producing beater cars, hi.
                                                                                         73,  Gary

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