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I always carry a telephoto lens camera in case I come across a UFO.  The four UFO observations that I have had were in situations where there was no camera to hand - never again.  I refuse to have a cell phone and I use an alternate layout computer keyboard.  Strange devices with wires, rods and meshing metal leaves pale in comparison. 

I don't even think about what others might think of me - every one has quirks and if anyone has a problem with my benign "differences" then they need to take a good look inside themselves.  I am proud to be a NERD/GEEK - without nerds humanity would still be banging rocks together.

One of my favourite songs

Still using slow old QWERTY?
Why don't you join the 21st Century?
Try Colemak (recommended) or Dvorak.
Time to leave the Victorian era behind!

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Same here, Michael, I am not into football or sports in general.

One of the advantages of ULR DX gear is that it is unusually small, hence takes up minimal space. A Tecsun PL-380 and 7-inch FSL can be stored away in a cupboard. No one need see this unusually efficient long distance medium wave receiving system when not in use.

By contrast, my 40 inch diameter PVC box loop stands out like a neon sign in the study room at my house. Although if anyone asks what it is used for, I tell them that one application for such a relatively large indoor antenna, is for residents living in remote rural areas that desire to hear evening radio programs from city areas, hundreds of miles distant. Nothing geeky about that.



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Very wise, Todd!

People deduce that I'm weirdy-nerdy-geeky when they hear I'm into radio.
So I don't enhance the image by confessing I'm not into football :-)

Michael UK

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