FSL's: Relative strength based on size.....


This is probably a question for Gary. I am trying to get a feel for how much better a 12"-15" FSL is compared to my 4 1/4: and 7" FSL's. I have used your comparative formula, but was wondering what I won't hear, for example, at the Coast with mine vs your big FSL's. Can you put that into a db difference? I am thinking that because of the very low noise level of FSL's, it is more about signal volume of weaker signals, rather than hearing or not hearing something at all.

Last fall I had my 7" FSL at the Coast near Newport and clearly heard Arabic voice and MX on 1611 and 1701 from the ethnic Aussie stations which are 400 watts or less, so it seems to be big enough for anything out there. Any comments from Gary and others?

By the way, I have conducted several thorough tests with both my FSL's and a Quantum loop. Both FSL's beat the Quantum hands down in S/N all across MW. The smaller FSL doesn't always have the signal level of the Quantum, but weaker signals are much clearer. I have run the test with the Q turned up to narrow the Quantum bandwidth and quiet the background noise and still the FSL's sound better. This is no dig against the Quantum since it is still one of the best loops of it's type. The FSL's are passive which makes them so quiet and that makes a big difference.

Dave Aichelman     N7NZH     Grants Pass, Oregon

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