Re: Exec Traveler vs Skywave & ? -FARMERIK


Mine Eton Traveler 3 is three years old, so I suppose it's the old one.

I got it out again and checked it. The numbers are a little more yellow than orange. The background does light up a little, as do the numbers. But even in semi-bright daylight the numbers are basically washed out. If you tilt the display just right so you're looking at it from the extreme bottom of the radio, you can just make out the numbers in bright sun.

So, when I decoded to experiment with hard wired loops, the Eton's ferrite was the first to go. I have two wires soldered to the pads where the two ferrite connections were, and they run out thrugh the top of the radio. I didn't mind hacking into it.

The CCrane Skywave I have is equally sensitive. My only basic problem with it is that it doesn't display signal strength RSSI dBu numbers. It just has a bar graph for signal strength. I find the dBu number scale (like in the PL-380, 310, etc.) a great way to compare loop antennas and signal strengths when listening in different locations.

The tuning encoder in both is a little wonky, in that when you try to tune slowly, sometimes you jump down a channel even though you have rotated the knob up. Or vice-versa. But that's due to cheap mechanical tuning encoders, which most of these radios have. So you are stuck with that no matter what you buy.

Good luck with the new radio.


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