TIS/HAR list update

Phil Bytheway <phil_tekno@...>


I am working on an update for the IRCA TIS/HAR list. Currently checking FCC and other on-line sources for updates. I will be going through eGroup traffic and IRCA/NRC bulletins before publishing.

For those of you that have logged any TIS/HAR stations not reported to the eGroup, I would like you to send me the information on your loggings. Include at least the calls (or best guess), location, month and year of reception.

Send that information to me at phil_tekno@...... please do not post to the eGroup.

Once completed, it will be posted on the IRCA web site for all to download at no charge. Should be sometime in late July, early August.

Thank you in advance,

Phil Bytheway
Seattle WA
Drake R-7 / KIWA Loop / SDR-IQ / Wellbrook loop

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