Congratulations to DXpedition Partner Tom R.

Gary DeBock

During exceptional propagation my August Rockwork 4 DXpedition partner Tom Rothlisberger was able to record a bonanza on his Perseus-SDR, including 64 New Zealand MW stations (once again surpassing the all-time Grayland record), 35 from Australia (including such obscurities as 531-6DL, 558-6WA, 558-7BU and 1161-7FG) as well as the huge signal from 558-Radio Fiji One, for a total of 100 DU stations on MW. In addition he also came away with multiple Longwave NDB and DGPS stations from the South Pacific, including several that had never been reported from North America. Even though Tom wasn't using an Ultralight radio, he and I frequently shared tips and recordings of exceptional DU-DX stations that were being received, especially on the lower frequencies like 531 and 558 (where the monster FSL's seem to really shine). Congratulations, Tom-- you have turned into an exceptional "Cliffhanger DXer!"

73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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