10th Anniversary Congratulations to the ULTRALIGHT DX Group

Allen Willie

Hello To All,

Ten years ago I was approached by our late friend and great radio DXer ,  John Bryant who had noticed my posting of radio logs on a group site  and who had asked me to share some station logs which I heard using a recently received birthday gift, a brand new Sony SRF-M37V  Ultralight radio.

For yours truly this was the start of my exploits in "Ultralight radio DXing ".

Given my great DXing  location, it was the perfect opportunity to find out just what could be heard on these mighty "mini-receivers" .

It definitely was an added unique nitch to something that I had been doing for the past 40 years at that time.

Recently hearing Alaska and China from here in Newfoundland  using an ultralight radio really demonstrates that there are no boundaries to what can be heard with them.

The past ten years of being  involved with the Ultralight radio community has not only brought added personal satisfaction to a hobby that I have enjoyed for several decades but also good friendships and comradery along the way, as well as helping others discover the excitement and thrill of Ultralight Radio DXing.

My Thanks to Gary DeBock , Robert Ross and others for getting me involved in the group , it has been a wonderful journey and  I look forward to many more years of involvement ahead in this fascinating niche to a great hobby .

Congratulations on the 10th Anniversary to the Founders and all members of the ULTRALIGHT  DX Group

Allen Willie

Carbonear, Newfoundland

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