Re: New CC Skywave SSB Model is Unchanged on the MW Band

Gary DeBock

Thanks Jay,

We will look forward to reading your full review of the CC Skywave SSB model.

Since the new SSB capability is limited to the SW bands, however, the model will probably have limited appeal to MW-DXers who could have used the radio as a compact replacement for the venerable ICF-2010. Although SSB capability is a deal-breaker for "approved" Ultralight radio classification, an SSB "spotting receiver" is extremely useful for tracking transoceanic DX carrier strength during live ocean coast DXpeditions. Since there is limited DXing time available during enhanced transoceanic conditions around sunrise or sunset, critical DXing choices are made by checking the carrier strength of target stations on these SSB receivers.

Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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My initial tests of two different prototypes tells me the SSB performance is at least very production radio is here now and I hope to have a full review posted within a week.


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