New CC Skywave SSB Model is Unchanged on the MW Band

Gary DeBock

For those of you wondering if you should purchase the new CC Skywave SSB Model (with the sky-high price of $169.99, temporarily being offered at $149.99), please be advised that the new SSB capability is for the SW bands only. Anyone purchasing this model hoping to use it to check transoceanic DX carrier strength on the MW band is going to be disappointed.

During ocean cliff MW-DXpeditions an SSB spotting receiver is a very effective tool to keep track of emerging DU-DX targets for Ultralight radio and FSL antenna reception, and until now theĀ "Supercharged" ICF-2010 portables have been used for this purpose. I was curious whether the new CC Skywave SSB model might be able to perform this function, but upon reviewing C.Crane's operating manual for the model it was clear that the SSB function is only for the SW band

Because of the high price of the new model C.Crane may find it a challenge to sell these radios at the $169.99 list price, and until someone writes a review I'm kind of curious how effective the SSB function will be on SW without greater frequency resolution than the 1 kHz steps provided by the main tuning control (although not curious enough to pay $149.99 plus shipping to find out).

73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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