Re: 1557 khz

Marc Coevoet

Op 08-11-17 om 23:44 schreef Fast Logger patrice.privat@... [ultralightdx]:
1557 BBC R Lancashire under Smooth, ultralight #445
Tecsun PL380
Pat (Beauvais)
A very good site, although not up to date for these small UK radios is

These are the UK counties: (haha, in Dutch)

I can receive Norfolk-855 and Cambridgeshire-1026 during daytime near Ypres, Belgium. So I suppose Caroline-648 wil be OK too. But it seems to take some time for them to start ..

I replaced the standard AM antenna on my tuner

with a single loop 1,5x1,5 meters, which works well for some tuners, other need more wire ...

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