Oklahoma TP DX 10/10/17


Listen from 1148 until 1239 UTC.
594 JOAK poor with JJ talk at 1225.
612 unID (4QR?) slight het from WSW buried in severe XEGS QRM at 1209.
702 unID (2BL) het from WSW at 1208; moderate het at 1231-1239 (LSR 1233).
774 JOUB POOR JJ talk at 1149; poor on barefoot Skywave at 1155; poor to fair with FSL at 1157; NHK TS at 1200 follow by language lesson. Not heard after 1201.
828 JOBB fair with language lesson at 1222.
972 unID (HLCA?) strong het at 1154.

No signal observed on 567, 666, 693, 747 or 1566.

Richard Allen,
near Perry OK USA,
Skywave + FSL.
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