Oklahoma TP DX 9/26/17


702 kHz unID weak carrier signal from the WSW at 0929 UTC. A moderate carrier audible at 1211, becoming stronger by 1218, with barely audible unidentifiable talking at 1220-1228.
747 kHz JOIB, barely audible to poor talking at 1145-1146.
774 kHz JOUB, barely audible talk at 1111; poor man and woman talking at 1117, peaking to fair signal strength at 1118 and 1123 before fading out at 1124.
828 kHz, possibly JOBB with heterodyne at 1125, moderate QRM by WCCO.
1098 kHz, weak carrier at 0931, with WTAM QRM.

Richard Allen,
near Perry OK USA,
Skywave + FSL.
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