Re: dxing at sunrise: WBOB

robert ross

At 07:11 AM 2/26/2009, you wrote:


Your latest catch, WBOB on 1320 is handing out a wonderful bumper sticker
right now... no mention of radio, frequency or anything else. It just sez
"Turn Your Knob to Bob!"

Ya gotta love it!

John B.

Allen...this Station...WBOB in Florida seems to get out quite well in the
AM. I have heard it twice on Sunrise Skip here in ONTARIO on The T-615 ULR!!

And John...we have a Local FM Station here in London Ontario on 102.3
FM....that also uses the Slogan "Turn your Knob to Bob!!"....However...I
don't know if they have the Bumper Stickers as well...I should check that
out!! I know they have BillBoards here in London that say that!!


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