Re: Oregon Cliff (Rockwork 4) Ultralight DU's for 8-9


Yes indeed, David, 738 KHz Tahiti has closed down. Apparently 666 KHz & 729 KHz New Caledonia also recently switched off.
558 KHz is the only remaining TX left on Fiji, however, it recently benefited some performance upgrade. I frequently try for 558 Fiji, but co-channel from 4AM Atherton, and 4GY Gympie makes it difficult.
648 KHz WVUV American Samoa used to be a regular early morning signal into Sydney in the 1980s. Now long gone, but no doubt it was previously received on the USA west coast decades ago. American Samoa FM has been received in eastern Australia, but it doesn't occur every year. Fiji FM is received virtually every year.
Many MW DXers listen for the distinctive ABC Majestic Fanfare news theme on the hour. This is what I listen for when discriminating western Australia MW among eastern Australia co-channel DX.
Your 585 KHz 2WEB Bourke station is a useful reference for testing radio selectivity performance next to my local 576 KHz 2RN Sydney. 585 2WEB is best received on my Drake R8B in 4 KHz IF mode. Second is the Sangean PR-D15, followed by the PL-380/390. It is a strong signal into Sydney every evening. 558 7RN Hobart is infrequently received.

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Perhaps this is incorrect, but I had heard somewhere Tahiti abandoned MW exclusively for FM (a silly decision IMHO if true). 

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