Re: Oregon Cliff (Rockwork 4) Ultralight DU's for 8-9


Excellent long-haul reception results, Gary. Based on signal strengths received at Sydney, your most impressive reception is the 10 kW 531 KHz 6DL Dalwallinu, Western Australia TX. This is followed by the 50 kW 558 KHz 6WA Wagin, Western Australia TX. Even in Sydney at some 2,000 miles, 558 KHz 6WA Wagin is the only regular Western Australia signal heard every evening. It is just strong enough on peaks to be received on a 'barefoot' portable using just the internal ferrite rod antenna. A 40" loop of course greatly enhances 6WA. 720 KHz Perth (50 kW) is masked by RNZ National Invercargill (10 kW).

Some "AWOL" Pacific Island MW transmitters would likely have propagated into Rockwork 4 ocean cliff near Manzanita, OR, USA. These include 639 KHz Fiji (10 kW), 648 KHz WVUV American Samoa (10 kW), 747 KHz 2AP Western Samoa, 774 KHz Fiji (20 kW), 846 KHz Kiribati (10 kW),  891 KHz Fiji (10 kW), and 945 KHz Solomon Islands (10 kW).
It is academic now, but 648 KHz WVUV American Samoa was a powerhouse signal into Hawaii during most evenings. It was also well received into Sydney around 0200 LT.
738 KHz Tahiti (20 kW) for some reasons has not been recently reported at Rockwork 4 ocean cliff. I haven't heard this yet, partly because 738 2NR Grafton is difficult to null.
What about 666 KHz Noumea, New Caledonia (20 kW)? This may be masked by other DX. 1125 KHz Vanuatu (10 kW) is also rare.
558 KHz Fiji (2,000 miles) is now very rare into Sydney. Back in the mid 1980s, 558 KHz Fiji would fade in by itself during late afternoons in daylight. Propagation was stronger back then. This makes your strong 558 Fiji reception even more impressive. In eastern Australia, we hear 88.2 MHz Fiji more often than 558 KHz Fiji!

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