some audio observations

Carl DeWhitt

I meant to send this in my last post,but my computer time on the
library computer ran out and i had to get another computer.
Has anyone of you noticed an audio quality difference among AM
stations,especially older stations vs. newer ones ? I also wonder if
any U.S. stations are still using tube transmitters ? I know that the
older tube receivers have better audio than many new solid state
rigs.But i had not thought about transmitters having the same qualities
tubes vs. solid state until recently.
When tuning through the 75 meter phone band recently on my Grundig G-6
Aviator,i heard a group of AM mode hams.The loudest,W0XV in Mississippi
was pegging my meter and his audio was incredible ! He put the audio of
some AM broadcast stations to shame ! He was using a home brew tube
Which AM stations in your respective areas seem to have the best audio ?
This could be useful as better audio should make a station easier to
catch if it can be heard at all in the dxer,s area.Thanks.
73 and good dx,
Carl DeWhitt

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