Oregon Cliff (Rockwork 4) Ultralight DU's for 8-5

Gary DeBock

Tom was fully set up and DXing at 1200 (in the predawn darkness) as I drove up to the cliff, but for the first time during this DXpedition a "sleeping squatter" had the temerity to park overnight in "my" usual antenna setup space. Of course nobody actually owns any real estate at these Highway 101 ocean cliff turnoffs, and it's truly the "wild, wild west," with no guarantees of anything (except that it will continue to be pretty wild).

Yesterday's exceptional DU propagation cooled off somewhat this morning, but Tom and I still found some interesting signals. 558-6WA made a return appearance around 1315, which would have thrilled us in years past except that we had already received both it and 531-6DL yesterday. 558-Fiji seemed to be putting in a ghostly signal at times, but couldn't quite seal the deal. I had an interesting mix on 1026 around 1250 (the 2 kW Newstalk ZB and a presumed 4AA) while Tom mentioned that he found quite a few other unusual signals. After a phenomenal session like yesterday morning's I guess the main challenge is not becoming "spoiled," and reminding yourself that any of these DU's would be outstanding catches back home (especially for me, living in a "DU dead zone" like Puyallup, WA ).

531  PI   Auckland, NZ, 5 kW   Relaxing Samoan island music at a good level around 1223; in a mix with an apparent More FM later in the session

558  6WA   Wagin, Australia,  50 kW   Not as strong as yesterday, but definitely there with ABC talk at 1315 (and paralleled by Tom for confirmation)

657  Star   Wellington/ Tauranga, NZ,  50/ 10 kW   As usual, one of the best performers on the cliff with great-level Christian music at 1310

765  Radio Kahungunu   Napier-Hastings, NZ, 2.5 kW   Another overwhelming signal from this low-power overachiever at 1259; a Maori net ID is given 35 seconds into the recording (at the 1300 TOH), followed by apparent Maori-accented Kiwi English (just what a sleep-deprived Yankee DXpeditioner needs)

855   UnID-DU  Male DU English speaker at a pretty good level with ABC-sounding format at 1319, but getting diced up by my home semi-local KHHO

1026  Newstalk ZB (mix)   Kaitaia, NZ, 2 kW   The low-powered Kiwi station (with talk) in a mix with an apparent 4AA (playing music)

73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (DXing at the Rockwork 4 ocean cliff near Manzanita, OR, USA)
7.5 inch loopstick CC Skywaves and Tecsun PL-380 +
17 inch and 15 inch (TSA-spooking) Monster FSL antennas

Ocean cliff site DXpedition session photo from this morning (kindly taken by Tom) is posted at

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