Nice conditions overnight. 1380 La Fabulosa question.

Paul Logan

Hi all,

added a few more stations to the barefoot tally last night with
conditions favoring southern latitudes.

1700 WEUP Huntsville, AL 1kw USA 06:30 26/02/2009 3909 miles
1660 WFNA Charlotte NC 1kw USA 06:45 26/02/2009 3657 miles
710 CMW, Radio Rebelde, La Julia 150kw Cuba 06:05 26/02/2009
1610 Caribbean Beacon, Anguilla 06:25 26/02/2009
Anyone know what power they use?.

Now up to 414 stations barefoot after a long hiatus with Anguilla
being country number 68 with 5 continents heard.

Also a question on a station heard on my main set up: I had a station
on 1380 with very good peaks between about 0630 and 0745 - non stop
Latin romantic songs Id'ing as "La Fabulosa" signal was very good at
times, with general conditions favoring the southern US / Mexico. I
see a WPYR in Baton Rouge, LA, that is Fabulosa, relaying WFNO 830,
but they have a small nightime power. Im wondering was this what I was
listening to. Wonder were they on daytime output. I have recordings if
anyone wants to mail me off group.

Any info would be gratefully received.


Paul Logan
Northern Ireland

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