Re: Rockwork 4 Ultralight DU's for 8-1 (Conclusion)


What's so difficult about deciphering that sheila?  She's peddling winter boots from Shoes Unlimited, a chain which trades on both sides of The Ditch.

Pretty much a given that's More FM from Alexandra.  She mentions a web address towards the end: "Shoes Unlimited - dot - co - dot -enn - zed" although I must admit I'm a bit puzzled by what sounds like a store location in Cromwell just before that.  Their web site doesn't show one, even if that would fit their coverage area via FM.

And winter boots would be a bit unnecessary in northern Queensland which makes 4KZ unlikely, unless you're saving your boots for cyclone season.


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Well, Theo mentioned that he was looking forward to some more recordings from the "Kiwi Cliff," so I thought I would oblige him. Not to mention the DU-English in some of these ads is way beyond the deciphering capability of any sleep-deprived Yankee DXer.

531  UnID-DU (either 4KZ or More FM)   OK Theo, this lady's DU English speech is potent indeed, but her accent is so strong that she might as well be speaking Chinese (which would be easier for me to understand). Heard at 1255 in a mix with a weaker PI

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