Re: Rockwork 4 Ultralight DU's for 8-1 (Conclusion)

Gary DeBock

Thanks very much, Tony!
There is obviously no better authority on NZ and Oz accents than an ex-Kiwi living in Australia.

These accents can be rough on Yankee English speakers. Both 531-4KZ and More FM are regulars at the Cliff, making the puzzle more interesting.

73, Gary N7EKX

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Hi Gary

Your unid on 531 - its a Kiwi accent - so presume its More 531


Tony VK2IC

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Well, Theo mentioned that he was looking forward to some more recordings from the "Kiwi Cliff," so I thought I would oblige him. Not to mention the DU-English in some of these ads is way beyond the deciphering capability of any sleep-deprived Yankee DXer.

531  UnID-DU (either 4KZ or More FM)   OK Theo, this lady's DU English speech is potent indeed, but her accent is so strong that she might as well be speaking Chinese (which would be easier for me to understand). Heard at 1255 in a mix with a weaker PI

531  PI   Auckland, NZ, 5 kW   Strong island music at 1247; generally dominant on the frequency until 1255, when the above station kicked it off the cliff

558  Radio Fiji One   Suva, Fiji, "10 kW"   Actually sounding somewhat energetic with typical island music at 1307
The usual male announcer with more island music at 1333

585  UniD   DU English station not // to 576 at 1204; maybe 2WEB?

603  Radio Waatea   Auckland, NZ, 5 kW   Maori music at S9+ level for over 3 minutes around 1256; the strongest signal this big gun has ever managed at the cliff

657  Star   Wellington/ Tauranga, NZ, 50/ 10 kW   S9+ News concerning the Labour Party; another one of the session's awesome Kiwi signals
Equally strong Christian music and mini-sermon by Irish-accented preacher at 1215

702  Magic-2BL   A royal mess at 1243 as the two big gun DU's manage to wipe out the frequency for most of sunrise enhancement. Magic is the oldies station, while the female DU English speaker is from the Oz LR network (2BL, 3LO etc.)

1017  A3Z  Nuku'alofa, Tonga, 10 kW   Island choral music at decent level around 1036 (after a rush FSL antenna setup)

1386  Radio Tarana   Auckland, NZ, 10 kW   Potent signal, but who knows what language this lady is speaking (at 1253). Maybe Hindu-accented DU English,

1503  Radio Sport   Wellington/ Christchurch, NZ  (5/ 2 kW)   By far the easiest language to understand all session long--- Yankee-accented English from the Fox Sports Network at 1315

73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (DXing at the Rockwork 4 ocean side cliff near Manzanita, Oregon, USA)
7.5 inch loopstick CC Skywave Ultralights +
17", 15" and 15" airport-closing FSL antennas

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