For Sale is one 7.5" X 7.5" FSLs

Everett N4CY

I did have two FSLs for sale, however, Steve Ratzlaff bought one of them, so there is still one left. 

I have for sale two 7.5" X 7.5" FSLs.  The FSLs are wound with a 2 coil Polydorff configuration. The windings were wound with 660/46 Litz wire and the variable capacitor is one of the high Q, 2 gang, Russian units with a 3:1 reduction. I added a band switch so the second gang can be switched in for extended band coverage. Each of the FSLs have 3 rows of ferrite bars, totaling 120 bars. The FSLs are mounted on a Lazy Susan base.
Band (1) tunes from 2,000 to 420 KHz and Band (2) tunes from 575 to 275 KHz. The tuning is sharp and the rotational nulls are quite sharp. The FSLs are setup for induction coupling.
I am asking $300 each, plus what ever the shipping cost would be. Below are pictures of one of the FSLs. If interested please contact me off list everettsharp@....
Everett N4CY


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