1610-Anguilla Nice Again for MP3, But No R. Reloj

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     The 1610 kHz Anguilla beacon was again dominant on the frequency at 0740 UTC last night here in western Washington (around midnight local time), with Gene Scott giving his usual sermon-- parallel to 6090 kHz.  A fairly strong MP3 was recorded this time, over negligible QRM from the Yakima WSDOT TIS and the eastern Oregon NOAA weather station.  This should be an easy catch for anyone in western WA/ OR/ BC away from local 1610 QRM, with the signal quite strong-- even on the tiny C.Crane SWP 7.5" Slider model.
     Unfortunately none of the Radio Reloj frequencies (870, 570 etc.) made it through here last night, with Cuba in general being pretty tough here. I've only managed to log the 530 Cuban (on a barefoot SRF-T615), but needed to go to Grayland, WA to do that.  Thanks very much to Steve, Joe, Chris and others for the R. Reloj tips, though.
     73,  Gary

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