Comparing the Slider e100 and a Stock e100/Crate Loop Combo


Hi all:

My curiousity was peaked by Kirk Allen's recent Select-a-tenna/Eton e100
comparison to a Slider e100, and Dave Hascall's subsequent inquiry
regarding how the Crate Loop might work under the same test conditions.

That curiosity got the best of me, and I hooked the stock ferrite back
onto my non-Slider e100 tonight to see how the Stock e100/Crate Loop
compared to the Slider e100. The ferrite was sitting outside the case (I
didn't feel like cramming it back inside), so it may have fared a bit
better than a true stock unit with the ferrite inside the case.

At the low end of the band the Stock e100/Crate Loop was clearly the
champ, adding another 10-15 dB over the Slider via the LCD "S meter" (6 db
per unit). A weak TIS on 530 khz was mostly mumbles in the noise on the
Slider, but I could easily tell how much they are soaking poor
unsuspecting drivers for parking at the Airport on the Stock e100/Crate
Loop. So, the actual signal-to-noise of the Combo had perhaps an even
bigger leg up on the Slider than just the S-meter would indicate.

At the high end of the band, it was much more even. For 1700 khz
(Galveston and/or San Diego, depending on who was fading up), the LCD
"S-meter" on the Stock e100/Crate Loop hovered between 4 and 5 units,
while the Slider maintained 5 units. Therefore, the Slider has probably
3-4 dB over the Combo per the S meter. I wasn't able to tell any
difference in
intelligibility, though, so again it may be that the large-aperture Crate
Loop provided better signal/noise but not quite as much signal.

So, if you have the room, the Crate Loop/Stock e100 combo is great for
weak signal DX. However, without the Murata filter of the Slider, the
Stock Combo will likely not be as good for split-frequency TA/TP work.

Of course, mating the Slider to the Crate Loop is an even better combo,
which gives 15-20 db more gain than "just" the Slider. Judicious use of
the Crate Loop can also help the Murata filter out as well.

73 - Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

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