Oklahoma TP DX 3/1/17


Not much TP DX to report for today (LSR at 1300 GMT).

612 unID (4QR?) weak carrier in KCSP 610 slop at 1253.
774 JOUB, fair with woman speaking Japanese at 1010 until 1013 fade out; barely audible with faint NHK TS at 1200.
1098 V7AB, fair carrier signal at 1058.
1116 unID (4BC?) weak carrier in KMOX 1120 splatter at 1245; trace of signal at 1258.
1548 unID (4RD?) weak carrier in KESJ 1550 splash at 1258.

Any traces of Asian signals were gone by 1230 due to geomagnetic storm (K-index was 5).

Richard Allen,
near Perry OK USA,
PL-310 with 8-inch FSL.
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