Oklahoma TP DX 2/27/17


I listened for TP DX from 1025 until 1316 GMT this morning and logged the following (LSR was at 1303):

567 JOIK?, trace of signal (no audio heard) at 1120-1122; again at 1241-1244.

594 JOAK, barely audible at 1033 and 1239; traces of a signal throughout morning not fading away until 1316.

693 JOAB?, trace of a signal (no audio heard) at 1053.

747 JOIB, barely audible at 1042-1045 and 1051-1053.

774 JOUB, barely audible at 1025; poor, woman in English, at 1027; barely audible-to-poor signal at 1059-1119 (audible on barefoot Skywave receiver at 1115); barely audible at 1226; poor, man and woman in English, at 1229; faded out at 1237; barely audible at 1249-1250, trace at 1303 in KSPI QRM. The signal from JOUB was extremely choppy this morning.

828 JOBB?, carrier heard below WCCO at 1123 and 1250.

891 unID (Korea?), carrier signal at 1131.

972 HLCA, het when checked at 1133 and 1251.

1134 JOQR?, traces of a signal (no audio heard) at 1125-1129.

1206 unID (China?), signal traces (no audio heard) at 1137-1141.

1566 HLAZ, barely audible signal traces at 1254-1303.

Good DX.

Richard Allen,
near Perry OK USA,
PL-310 + 8-inch FSL.
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